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How Can I Communicate?

Your SmilesPage LifeStyle Manager (Pro) keeps you in contact with your OkCHAT circle of friends, family and community via email, textchat, webcam conferencing, greenlight instant messaging with buddy lists, video, desktop sharing and other conveniences.

Anyone can connect with other members simply by visiting a member’s SmilesPage and clicking on their online/ offline light for connection options.

If someone wants to connect with you, they come to your SmilesPage If you want to connect with someone you visit their SmilesPage

What Else Does My SmilesPage Offer?

What Else Does My SmilesPage Offer?

Your SmilesPage provides you access to specialized content, recommended resources, forums, activities, education, support, rss feeds and channel related news. Quick connects to the internet world to make navigation and communication from one place easy and convenient. You can even broadcast recorded audio, video and podcasts simply by uploading your files.

Your SmilesPage allows you to share folders, manage appointments and tasks with a sharable calendar, keeps blogs and manage a personalized template driven website via browser based wizards, online editors and standard forms

Can I Hide My SmilesPage from Members & Public?

Yes. By default all new SmilesPages are “parked” until you are satisfied with your content, at which point you can un-park your SmilesPage and begin socializing and managing your online presence. (note: It is possible, though rare that search engines can crawl and may index your public SmilesPage pages even if they are parked. Upload content at your own risk and according to these guidelines).

How Do I Edit My SmilesPage?

Once logged in, you can either use the wizard to setup your profile, set preferences for your blog, calendar and other features, upload pictures and profile info etc… or you can just navigate to the area on your own public SmilesPage and click the edit icon that is nearest to the content area you wish to update.

The Universal Self-Care Community That Your Doctor Prescribes