The Universal Self-Care Community That Your Doctor Prescribes

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As a member of the SmilesPage Wellness Community, from your SmilesPage LifeStyle Manager, you will enjoy access to Dr. Smiles Information Therapy,library, your Personal Health Record (PHR) , special discount prices for Members Only and all the information you’ll need to open a Health Saving Account… all for Free.

SmilesPage Wellness Community members manage their health by requesting copies of health records and tests results from their healthcare providers utilizing proprietary third-party HIPAA compliant PHR solutions accessible via your SmilesPage LifeStyle Manager (Pro) to upload, manage and share your personal health records with your medical and healthcare providers.

From a member’s SmilesPage LifeStyle Manager (Pro), Dr. Smiles Oral Systemic Laboratories is only a click away for making appointments or accessing Information Therapy to support you in making important health decisions. More info

The Universal Self-Care Community That Your Doctor Prescribes

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