The Universal Self-Care Community That Your Doctor Prescribes


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    SmilesPage Wellness Community members manage their health by requesting copies of health records and tests results from their healthcare providers utilizing proprietary third-party HIPAA compliant PHR solutions accessible via your SmilesPage LifeStyle Manager (Pro) to upload, manage and share your personal health records with your medical and healthcare providers.

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    Working together to bridge the information gap that exists between patient, doctor and dentist, Dr. Smiles believes that every person is the author of their own health or disease. Dr. Smiles is dedicated to providing the health consumer with the information and tools needed to navigate efficiently in today’s health care arena. Dr. Smiles knows that given the right information at the right time to the right person, an informed health care consumer will make the intelligent choice to do as much as they can for themselves, know when to seek additional information and opinions and when to say no to treatment.